Broker Partners in Washington

Guidelines For A Successful Partnership.

Polygon Northwest values our partnerships with agents and strives to make this important collaboration as effortless and productive as possible for you and your clients. We would like to share a few essential guidelines to get started.

While we prefer that you accompany your client on their first visit, we understand this may not always be possible. Your client may visit any of our Community Sales Galleries unaccompanied by you on their initial visit, but we do request they inform us of your working relationship, complete our Guest Information Card or provide us your current business card. If you are unable to be present on the first visit and these requirements are met, we will honor this registration for up to 60 days or as long as your agency relationship exists, and the full 3% Selling Office Commission. 

Polygon offers a 3% SOC calculated on the final sales price of the home, and that means you are paid not only on the initial sales price, but any additional upgrades. If the above requirements are not fulfilled and your client would still like your assistance, we will pay a 1% Selling Office Commission for the transaction.

We look forward to working with you and to making your next sale the easiest of your career. For more information about any of our communities, please visit